Atelier Bergé is a space
where dyeing, knitting, weaving, spinning and sewing come together. Born from a desire to
create and get hands-on, Atelier Bergé offers finished textile products
of unique quality, always designed with respect for the environment and


Atelier Bergé is also a
source of inspiration for weavers looking for original weaving patterns,
developed in collaboration with independent dyers.
Soon, it will also be possible to come directly to the studio for a
first contact with weaving (or a second, or a third!), in order to
learn the basics, benefit from lots of advice and weave your
own textile.


The hands behind
Atelier Bergé, are those of Éveline Cantin-Bergeron. Her
interest in textiles is deeply rooted in her love for clothing. The
multiple functions of textiles and the intimate relationship we have with
them have always fascinated her: protection, expression, commitment,
belonging. Through her products and responsible production method,
Eveline wants show respect for know-how and the value
textiles in our lives.


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