L'âme des créations artisanales : une relation entre l'artiste et son œuvre

The soul of artisanal creations: a relationship between the artist and his work

When we are an artist or craftsman, we develop a special relationship with our creations. They become a reflection of our thoughts, our emotions and our life at a specific moment. Each piece we create is infused with a part of ourselves, our experiences and our memories.

An intimate relationship with our creations

  • Spending time creating our projects allows us to know them intimately
  • Each creation is the result of a moment in our life, with its joys, its challenges and its trials
  • Each piece we create tells a part of our personal story

Three hand-woven textiles, stacked on top of each other in pastel spring hues

This handwoven collection is my final collection for my graduation from the Maison des Métiers d'art. For me these textiles represent the excitement of a leap into the void, the result of long, rewarding work, and smell like the month of May.

The story behind each creation

  • Each creation has a unique and personal story
  • Each piece is associated with memories and emotions, good or bad
  • The purchase of a handcrafted creation is also the acquisition of a part of the history of the craftsman

I was working on this weaving just before a major fire at my house forced me to close my workshop for almost two years... Objectively I love this fabric, but emotionally I'm a bit love-hate

The soul of artisanal creations

  • Artisanal creations have a soul, they carry within them a part of the artist
  • Each piece is a reflection of the craftsman and his experience
  • Purchasing a handcrafted creation supports the artist and his practice, but it is also the acquisition of a work full of emotion and history.

Checked weaving in pastel shades on a loom

In 2020, when everything was closed during the pandemic, I dyed each color of this weave with natural dyes in my mother's kitchen. I also had my loom set up in the guest room at the time. This fabric is imbued with memories spent with my mother, thinking and rethinking the avenue my small business could take once the pandemic is over.

In short, artisanal creations go beyond a simple object. They are the fruit of an intimate relationship between the artist and his work, and they carry within them a part of the soul of their creator. It is this human and emotional dimension that makes artisanal creations so unique and precious.

Eveline xx

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